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Get clarity on BettrData.io’s solutions and services. Your go-to resource for common queries about data operations.

I have to know….Why is BettrData.io spelled without a second "E"?

One of the most common questions we get about the BettrData.io brand is… why is there a missing “E” in the spelling of “better” within BettrData.io? Rather than a mere typographical choice, it symbolizes a deliberate strategy rooted in our company’s commitment to revolutionizing data management by addressing fundamental challenges through the power of “E”! In short: 

  •       We “E”liminate “E”rrors in data operations, processing and onboarding
  •       We “E”liminate “E”xcess “E”nergy and pain in “E”very day data operations
  •       We “E”liminate the need for “E”xtra “E”ducation with our “E”asy-to-use platform.

BettrData.io offers practical solutions to the intricate challenges posed by data operations. Are YOU a Data Detective, looking for a solution to your “E”very day data problems? BettrData.io helps you find the clues you need for an “E”xcellent solution! We solve for “E”!

1MM records a minute at our lowest tier plan level.

For the first time, less than 5 minutes. Second time… oh wait, there is no second time!


AWS is our preferred cloud provider, but we can deploy into all major clouds (and some non-major ones as well).

Data operations for second and third-party data processing; we solve data problems and automate data movement at scale.

BettrData.io offers hundreds of prebuilt integrations (link to /marketplace) with most major sources of record. New integrations are commonly added and customized as requested, which takes us only 1 to 2 weeks to build, test, and implement in the platform production instances.

The optimal approach to data integration adoption relies on finding the right balance between batch sources and APIs. Organizations must assess their specific needs, considering factors such as data volume, real-time requirements, and the nature of their systems. Integrating batch processing for large-scale data synchronization and leveraging APIs for real-time interactions can create a harmonious and responsive data ecosystem. The key lies in adopting a hybrid approach that maximizes the strengths of both methods, ensuring that data integration strategies align with the organization’s goals and evolving technological landscape.

We focus on clients who ingest large amounts of second and third-party data, like direct mail and direct marketing, for example, AND we work with clients in Automotive, Advertising, Consulting, FinTech, Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing and many other industries. (link to industries section).  We handle any client from any industry who ingests data.

Our privacy policy (link to /privacy) and compliance policy (link to 6.2.2) are posted here to review at your leisure.

Yes! Our most popular use cases can be found on our customer stories page (link to 4.4), but the platform automates data operations for businesses dealing with large volumes of customer or vendor data. It simplifies data intake, processing, and validation, tailored to your needs. With a user-friendly interface and clear dashboard, it’s accessible to all users. Our goal is to cut manual tasks, saving time and money while improving data quality, all in a matter of weeks.

We offer data through many partnerships, including directly integrated  into our platform for enhancing your data or adding to your data offering.

We work with the best and brightest data companies to connect you with the data you need

We customize our packages and pricing to your needs. (link to contact us). BettrData.io may be deployed on-premise, or hosted in the BD cloud: 

Ideal for small to medium sized businesses, Essential Data Ops provides a hosted instance in the BettrData.io cloud. This platform version includes file conversion, standardization, transformation, enhancement, tracking and compliance management, and reporting features.

Designed for larger, Commercial B2B service providers and multi-business enterprise organizations,  Enterprise Data Ops provides on-premise single-tenant deployment capabilities. It supports processing at high speed and volume, and includes file conversion, standardization, transformation, enhancement, tracking and compliance management, and reporting functionalities.

The BettrData.io platform provides options to quickly connect with existing services in an organization’s tech stack, or add purpose-built BettrData services to further streamline and automate workflows, including: 

  • BD Mail Stream: Enables direct marketing professionals to optimize their direct mail processes, bringing steps like CASS/NCOA/DPV and match keying into their primary workflow.
  • BD Enrichment: Enables marketers to bring secondary and tertiary data enhancement processes into their primary workflows, improving data quality while saving time and money passing files across multiple vendors.
  • BD Essential CID: Adding BD’s Essential customer identifier, enables hygiene matching and deduplication process to occur within data ingestion, improving quality, accuracy while saving time and complexity within a data operation professional’s primary workflows. 
  • Persistent Identity Management: Quickly integrate workflows to your preferred customer identity partners, ideal for digital-savvy marketers ready to on-board and activate second and third party data.  
  • BD Connect: Integrate workflows and data delivery with any system in your data stack through connectors, APIs, and SFTP.
  • Coming Soon! BD Segment Builder: Quickly generate customer counts and segments within your BD workflows, facilitating quality assurance, marketing, query, reporting, segmentation, and list pulls.

For more information, contact us!

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