is a highly automated data onboarding platform for the company that consumes high volumes of batch data with varied or evolving layouts.

Our simple to use interface helps to quickly process data from ingestion to a validated and standardized output. is a turnkey software solution that reduces operational costs and improves efficiencies.

Centralized Data Workflow Management

Simple-to-navigate interface requires no qualification or technical expertise to effectively manage all of your data assets.

  • Manage batch data files from ingestion to a configurable, standardized output for load into Snowflake, Databricks, or other downstream systems
  • “Configure Once” reusable data pipelines
  • Increase organizational data visibility, data sharing, and compliance (GDPR/CCPA/CPRA)
  • Save time and money by redirecting resources to other priority areas of your business

Automatic data acquisition and conversion

Effortlessly acquire, organize, and navigate incoming data and quickly identify any issues.

  • Real-time at-a-glance view of all of your incoming data
  • “Smart Automation” learns and does work for you
  • Automatically process ZIP, PGP, Excel, dBase and other common formats (ask us about our Shopify integration coming soon)
  • Built-in archive password management, no more hunting for passwords
  • Easily add address standardization (CASS), NCOA, and identity keying to any pipeline

Intuitively configure new data pipelines for automatic conversion and validation

Intelligent and adaptable tool kit for one-time configuration of data in order to enable seamless automation.

  • Automated mapping of data fields reduces the need for manual intervention
  • With one click, add a field distribution report, density report, and other quality metrics to our data validation reports
  • Adaptable validation rules alert users to problematic records, fields, and files
  • Maneuver faster and with more control using a no-code/low-code solution


Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Our automated data operations platform will allow businesses to reduce or reallocate the number of full-time employees needed to support their data operations. This is traditionally a very manual and expensive process, and our product packages it all together to simplify the process and significantly reduce costs.

Improve Quality

Improve Quality

With so much problematic data in business, most companies cannot give appropriate attention to the quality of their data because they are too busy processing it. By using our product, you automatically become a proactive business when it comes to data quality. With clear visibility of all incoming data and a built-in alerting system, our platform ensures that your data quality standards are met.

Turnkey Data

Turnkey Data

We are a first-of-its-kind solution that has taken many costly manual processes and put them into a single platform. The platform is ready to use after a simple installation and several straight-forward configurations. This saves time and money and provides an overdue alternative to the costly and lengthy traditional approach to data operations.

Experience the efficiency, intelligent design, and user-friendliness of in action. Team

Aaron Dix

Founder and CEO

With nearly 20 years in the database marketing industry and delivering big data solutions, Aaron has emerged as an expert in ETL, distributed systems, data pipeline design and managing world-class data operations teams. Aaron’s first-hand experience in building data pipeline solutions and managing teams of developers and data analysts, helped him compile the long list of ideas that contributed to the development of BettrData, the system he always wished he had.

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